“My daughters Holly and Hannah had a most excellent time at their first SWAM swim! Thanks to Sydney and Esme for being very patient with two girls so excited to be swimming at Queen’s. As Queen’s alumni, both my husband and I are so proud of the undergraduate volunteers in this program. We also feel it is such a fantastic way for volunteers to make a very meaningful impact in a child’s life. Really feeling so thankful and happy.”

“Our son Aidan, who has autism, loves his 30 minute swim class every Sunday.  It has helped him so much, and every Sunday morning he asks, ‘Swimming?’ It is so amazing to hear him speak that word, as he is non-verbal!  We want to thank you and all your volunteers on doing such an amazing thing for our kids!”

This is a fantastic program for Special kids.  The grace, determination, enthusiasm, and capability of your volunteer university students, who instruct the students each week, is astounding.

“I am continually astounded by the volunteers in this program. My son has attended for 5 years now. In all that time and with many different volunteers (for all swimmers not just my son’s) I cannot recall a single frown. These young people giving their time to often challenging children and they are ALWAYS genuinely smiling. It may seem like a subtle thing, but for a parent of one of those challenging children, it has a profound affect. Well done!”

“I found the staff to be extremely positive, upbeat and supportive.  Also very patient when my youngest absolutely refused to even get changed for the first few sessions. His instructor sat with us on the bench and worked very hard on developing positive relationship with my little one. My 5 year old has built fantastic friendship with Andy. He would always tell her how his week was, and about his friends at school, and Jewish holidays. I have many pictures of them together and my son loves to show them to his grandparents and at show and tell at school. Over all great job on developing fantastic program for kids with special needs. “

“This program is fantastic! To have a sport and activity that children can attend without judgement and the highest level or understanding and safety is amazing! So grateful for the volunteers and everyone who help make this program possible!”

“We got involved with your program when my son, who is Autistic and non-verbal.  After an AWFUL experience with some local swimming lessons at a pool we were advised of your program, and have been happy ever since! The students are so wonderful with my child and all of the children; it is a fantastic program and I feel the students/instructors get us much out of it as the participants. It’s a wonderful thing you are doing, and from the top, bottom and all sides of my heart (front and back too!!) I thank you.”

“This program is top notch! The students running it make you feel very welcome. They put 100% into teaching and even fundraise on their own time to make the program happen. Very impressed! My daughter has come so far just from being in the program.”

“Prior to when my son Leo started lessons, he was insecure, and afraid of water. The only way he would be in the pool is with a life preserver on at all times, no exceptions. He is now confident, and comfortable without the life preserver on. It seems so trivial, but it has been so wonderful to witness the huge transformation of Leo. This in turn makes me confident and comfortable that my child is now safe in and around the water! The only way this is possible is because of the [SWAM] Program with the one-on-one instruction. These selfless instructors volunteer their time, expertise and passion. The progress made is demonstrated after each and every lesson. I highly recommend this program to all Special Needs children so that they will learn water safety and benefit from gaining so many other useful skills. Thank you so much for providing this much needed and appreciated program.”

 “My wife and I have been bringing our children to this wonderful program for 4 years. The support and teaching this program offers is unparalleled-having one-on-one instruction from the trained and caring student volunteers is ideal, especially when combined with its affordability. Thank you all, and keep up the great work!”

“I have been in this program for many years. I feel it has really helped me improve my swimming ability. I feel this is mainly because of the coaches. The coaches are very thoughtful and find a way to help you learn the best. Also, they are very nice and patient. For example, when I want to learn a swimming skill, they will teach me how to do it and help me when I mess up. They never get impatient. When I grow up, I would like to help kids with special needs as well!”


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